• Introduction

    Once your file has been opened we will contact you immediately to introduce themselves and arrange an initial call to discuss your move.

  • Look See Visit

    Since no international relocation is ever a small decision, we offer a “Look See” visit to get you better acquainted with the area to which you may be moving. During this half-day or full-day visit, we explain the workings of everyday life, transportation, banking, health care system, shopping, schools, etc., and give you a tour of the area. We show you a selection of properties to give you an idea of the type of housing choices that would be available to you. If you are relocating with children, visiting schools could also be an option. This day is intended to provide you all the information you need to make a decision about your relocation.

  • Accompanied Check in and Inventory

    This is an essential part of the relocation process. We will accompany you on move-in day and review the condition of the property, catalogue contents and note any existing damage. This process will assist in your deposit return at the end of your tenancy.

  • Property Contract Negotiation

    We will review your property lease to make sure that it is accordance with legislation and serves your best interests.

  • Bank Account

    We assist the Transferee to open a bank account in their name.

  • School Search

    We understand that getting your children enrolled in the right school is key to the success of your relocation. We work closely with you to determine which school would be right for your child, and assist you with the enrolment process. Whether you are looking for private or for public schools, whether your child speaks English or not, we are here to help you find the right solution.

  • Airport Pickup

    The Transferee and their family can be met at the airport by our Local Counsellor and accompanied to their accommodation.

  • House Search

    Our housing search team completes an extensive search of the local real estate market to offer you housing choices that match your selection criteria. We set up appointments for you to visit these properties accompanied by your dedicated housing consultant.

    We save you precious time and energy by helping you locate exactly what you are looking for. Our extensive knowledge of the property market enables us to know not only where to look, but also more importantly, how to select the right property for you.

  • Temporary Accommodation

    Locators works with assignees and HR departments to find the best-fit temporary serviced accommodation options through our extensive network of providers enabling us to source and secure the highest standard of short-term accommodation at a price that meets your budget.

  • Utilities Setup

    Your Relocation Consultant will assist in setting up all the major utilities such as gas, electricity, refuse collection, phone, internet etc.

  • Medical and Dental Services

    When you have chosen your new home we will assist with locating appropriate medical and dental services.

  • Local Authority Services

    We will assist with applications for UK’s National Insurance Number or Ireland’s Personal Public Service Number which is essential for registering for tax, banking and other services. We can also advise on car importation, driver licence, car insurance etc.,

  • 90 Day Ongoing Support

    From when you settle in your new home, you will also have a period of 90 days of telephone assistance in which you can call us for assistance and advice. We will advise on areas of interest and how to make the most of the opportunities offered by your new location.