The Glasgow Narrative

The covid 26 conference has put Glasgow on the world stage. However, it s not only International conferences that Glasgow attracts but the city is also a growing hub for inward investment as highlighted in the Glasgow Narrative.

Greatings From Locators Scotland

Greetings from Scotland to the world of International Commerce and the Global Mobility community which supports it. We wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2021.

We leave behind a horrible year with no country escaping the effects of COVID-19 and the accompanying restrictions. Nevertheless, I am pleased to say that despite all the problems Scotland remained open for business.Throughout the year inward investment continued with personnel from around the globe arriving, bringing their skills and enhancing their careers within the Technology, Life Science, Energy and Finance sectors.

This country renowned for its quality of life and the home of the telephone, television and penicillin remains a land of inspiration and enterprise, from Aberdeen in the north, Glasgow in the west and Edinburgh in the east.

However, with COP26 conference coming to Glasgow in 2021, I thought it appropriate to highlight the attractions of this dynamic city situated on the banks of the river Clyde.  Once the home of the world’s famous liners and naval vessels and now remodelled to meet the challenges of the 21st century, as you will see from the interview with the city Marketing Manager and the Managing Director of HFD Property Group.

For international companies Scotland has the resources, the infrastructure, is cost effective and has Scandinavian and European markets on its doorstep, most capitals within a two hour flight. Some of the reasons why more businesses chose Scotland than any other part of the UK outside of London.

So much for what we have to offer businesses investing here.  What does Scotland offer people?  It can be an exciting opportunity when an employer offers an overseas posting but it can also be stressful, particularly for a family moving to a new environment and perhaps a different culture. Well with 30 years’ experience of helping visitors settle in Scotland, I can confirm that the experience of Carmen, who has contributed to our newsletter, is typical.

The standard of properties is good, education is excellent, and our free health service is second to none. Sporting activities are many and varied as are gyms, sports centres and, of course, golf courses.

Scotland is recognised as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We have lovely countryside for walks, mountains to climb, lochs to sail (or paddleboard) and attractive beaches.  Not to mention our museums, art galleries, theatres and universities.

Whether a business, an individual or a family when you come to Scotland you will receive, and here I quote from the Gaelic, our ancient native language “Ceud Mile Fàilte” translate

A hundred thousand welcomes

 Bob Stocker, Chairman, Locators

Meeting with Scottish Government about Brexit Concerns

Locators were recently invited to a meeting with Michael Russell, the Scottish Government minister for business, discussing concerns surrounding Brexit.

During the discussion, Michael Russell discussed steps to take in order to prepare for Brexit. For more info on how Brexit may affect your organisation, please visit the Prepare for Brexit Website.

View the Brexit Checklist here.

Scotland at the forefront of the regenerative medicine revolution

Scotland has the perfect ecosystem for companies making advances in regenerative medicine and is building the world’s largest concentration of regenerative medicine scientists.

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So you’ve decided to move to Ireland? Let us be the first to wish you a céad míle fáilte – an Irish greeting which means one hundred thousand welcomes

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